After travelling Central America for the past 4 months I washed up in Carpurganá – the starting point for my South American adventure.

When looking at a map, it is simply where Central America ends and South America begins. Both towns are situatated in the far reaches of North West Colombia whose coastline sits on the Carribean. The scenary is simply stunning. At this time of the year, the weather is often dry, but the wind is strong. Barraging turquoise waves crash on the fringes of the towns that act as gateways to evergreen tropical jungles. As for the towns themselves, isolated is the most fitting of words. For most this simply means “no wifi” – and there wasn’t. To add to this, only speedboat and small planes act as the accesible modes of transport in order to get you there or away. For getting around, choices are foot,bike or horse and cart. Old school.


In the shade



When the time came for the onward journey there were two choices. 3 hours of being on a boat to a place ironically named “Turbo”, followed by 10 hours on a bus to the colonial town of Cartagena, OR the 20 minutes on a boat, a 30 minute horse & cart ride and a 1 hour flight to the intrigue of Colombia’s second largest city, Medellin…

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