As-well as being the constitutional capital, Sucre is often regarded as the most beautiful city in Bolivia. Nestled in the Southern Highlands at 2,790 meters above sea level, the city is decorated with colonial, European like architecture, awash with creamy whites that are over coated by spectrums of rustic orange. It is for this reason, Sucre is often known as ‘La Blanca’.
2016-09-21-19-35-342016-09-21-19-31-272016-09-21-19-30-46 It was here where Bolivia claimed independence in 1825. I actually learned two interesting things regarding their independence. It may come as no shock to some, but not to those who are interested in South American history, but, the country is actually named after Simon Bolivar – the Venezuelan political and military leader who also essentially established Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama. I’ve mentioned this before, as his name is dotted around everywhere in northern South America.

2016-09-21-19-38-252016-09-21-19-37-302016-09-16 03.02.25.jpg

Once upon a time, when I was a little boy, I used to love flags, especially National Flags. For those of you who don’t know, Bolivia’s flag is consisted of 3 colours; green, red and yellow. As it turns out, there’s more to these 3 colours that meets the eye. The significance of the colours is as follows: The green symbolises the land and its fertility, the yellow represents the natural resources of Bolivia, and red is present acting as the bold and proud colour with its purpose to recognise the courage of the Bolivian soldiers who fought for the independence and for the preservation of the country itself.

2016-09-21-19-28-05dsc_0631dsc_06082016-09-21 19.43.39.png

The city’s history has been closely tied with Potosí regarding the silver mines and the former riches that the mining once brought. Asides from a few museum’s, there are not any attractions as such – this was something I really loved. The whole place had a positive vibe and there was always a lot going on. All in all, just a lovely, friendly and rather peaceful place, that packed no obvious punch, but rather a subduing charm that just makes you admire this wonderful settlement that simply minds its own business.


Lastly, there’s a large student population in Sucre, which meant there were a few fun Bolivian bars to enjoy the Champions League Final. It was just a pity that Real Madrid beat Atletico again.


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